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At Cleona Dental, we provide individualized care so we can meet each patient’s lifestyle and esthetic goals.

About Cleona Dental

Often, we neglect our health, ignore warning signs, and put off dealing with problems until they become emergencies, in need of immediate and drastic attention. At Cleona Dental, we remind our patients that the sooner we catch a problem, the easier it is for us to deal with it. If we detect a cavity early enough, for example, treatment might be no more invasive than air abrasion. A trip to the dentist need not be the dreaded experience that it once was. This is especially true at our office, where we go to great effort to create a relaxing atmosphere that will make you feel calm and welcome the moment you walk in the door.

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our mission

We started with only one goal: Make our patients smile

Our mission is to provide an atmosphere of respect and acceptance for our patients so that we are able to facilitate individualized care to meet each person’s lifestyle and esthetic goals. We will present our patients with the best treatment options available and deliver the highest quality of treatment in a caring and professional setting. We strive to improve the esthetics of our patients’ natural smiles, thus increasing our patients’ comfort & self esteem, as well as enhancing their quality of life. We also insist upon encouraging the highest standards of ethical conduct and responsible patient care.

core values

The core values that drive everything what we do


We prioritize our dental patients’ health and well-being and commit to providing safe and effective services. Our transparent communication and accountability empower patients to make informed decisions about their oral health.

Care & Services

We provide high-quality dental services prioritizing your safety and comfort. Trust us to use advanced techniques and build long-lasting relationships.


We provide exceptional patient care tailored to individual needs with a commitment to improvement and patient satisfaction.


Trust is our core value. We build strong relationships based on honesty, respect, and reliability. Patients can trust our listening ears, accurate information, and best interest decisions. We provide a safe environment and compassionate care. Trust improves patient satisfaction, leading to better health outcomes.


221 W. Penn Ave., Suite 213
Cleona, PA 17042

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New Patient: (717) 524-5369
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